Magnus Carlsen wins at Sochi, retains World Championship Title

Magnus Carlsen defeated Viswanathan Anand in their 11th game at Sochi, Russia thereby remaining the World Chess Champion.

Anand once more tried to play a drawn game by going for the Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense much to the dismay of the fans watching the match being broadcast live from Sochi via web streaming. The game followed known lines with Anand playing very comfortably, maneuvering his pieces towards an equal endgame position.  After 23. .. b5!! which hoped to break up the deadlocked kingside pawns and give his light-squared bishop more counterplay, black gained the upper hand.

Carlsen did not take the bait, instead he repositioned his king to maintain his control of the center and continue the pressure. Anand was able to clear the b-file and seize control of it with one of his rooks.  Everything was good for black so far until Anand decided to sacrifice the exchange with his very dubious 27. .. Rb4.  Carlsen happily traded his bishop for the rook and gained control of the e-file. The resulting position proved devastating to black.  Anand resigned after Carlsen’s 45th move.