Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen wins Tata Steel Chess 2016

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen has won the 78th Tata Steel Chess Tournament at Wijk aan Zee.  In today’s 13th and final round, the Norwegian grandmaster drew with Liren Ding, letting him maintain a 1.0 point lead against both Ding and Fabiano Caruana.  This is Carlsen’s 5th time to win […]

Tata Steel Chess 2016 Round 13

Tata Steel Chess 2016 Round 12

Tata Steel Chess 2016, Round 12: Fabiano gains on Carlsen

US Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana won his match against Loek Van Wely in today’s round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament at Wijk aan Zee.  This gives him a total of 8.0 points, 0.5 points just behind current leader Magnus Carlsen, and 0.5 points ahead of Liren Deng. The game opened in […]

Tata Steel Ches 2016, Round 11: Carlsen regains 1.0 lead against Caruana

For the second time in the tournament, World Champion Magnus Carlsen once more leads Fabiano Caruana by a point, this time after defeating Yifan Hou in a 54-move game that started in the Petroff Defense.  After the 14th move, both players have castled long and have both of their rooks […]

Tata Steel Chess 2016 Round 11

Tata Steel Chess 2016 Round 9

Tata Steel Chess 2015, Round 9: Carlsen defeats Adams, leads the Masters by 1.0

Magnus Carlsen defeated Michael Adams today in the 9th round of the Tata Steel Chess 2016 Tournament.  This gives the World Champion a 1.0 and 1.5 point lead against Fabiano Caruana and Wesley So respectively.  Hou Yifan also won her match against Evgeny Tomashevsky.  The rest of the competitors in the […]

Tata Steel Chess 2016, Round 8: Caruana loses to Navara, Carlsen Leads

Fabiano Caruana lost to David Navaro in today’s round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee.    This loss reduced Caruana’s points by 0.5, effectively lowering his ranking in the event and giving Magnus Carlsen the lead with 6.5 points.  Another winner is Loek van Wely defeated Yifan Hou. […]

Tata Steel Chess 2016 Round 8

Tata Steel Chess 2016 Round 7

Tata Steel Chess 2016, Round 7: Carlsen and Caruana lead with 5.0 points

Magnus Carlsen defeated Pavel Eljanov after 34 moves in the Blumenfeld Gambit while Fabiano Caruana defeated Liren Deng in a hard fought 83-move game at today’s Round 7 of the Tata Steel Masters.  This gives both grandmasters 5.0 points. Other winners today include:Anish Giri, Shakhryar Mamedyarov, Anne Haast, Adhiban Baskaran, Mikhail Antipov and Jorden […]

Tata Steel Chess 2016, Round 6: Carlsen joins Ding and Caruana at the top

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen won in today’s round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament.  His opponent, Russian Grandmaster Evgeny Tomashevsky resigned after the 30th move.  He now has a total of 4.0 points and shares the top position along with Liren Ding and Fabiano Caruana. GM Anish Giri also […]

Tata Steel Chess 2016 Round 6

World_Chess_Championship_2014_Round_11_Final Position

Magnus Carlsen wins at Sochi, retains World Championship Title

Magnus Carlsen defeated Viswanathan Anand in their 11th game at Sochi, Russia thereby remaining the World Chess Champion. Anand once more tried to play a drawn game by going for the Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense much to the dismay of the fans watching the match being broadcast live from Sochi via web […]

World Chess Championship 2014 now 5.4 – 4.5 in favor of Carlsen

Round 10 of the year’s World Chess Championship was a draw between challenger Viswanathan Anand and champion Magnus Carlsen. This time playing as white, Anand faced the Gruenfeld Defense and was partly successful in establishing dominance in the center early in the game.  However, Carlsen fought back admirably and, after the […]

World_Chess_Championship_2014_Round_10_Final Position

World_Chess_Championship_2014_Round_9_Final Position

Carlsen still leads 2014 World Chess Championship with Round 9 a draw

After only 20 moves, Game 9 between the current world champion GM Magnus Carlsen and his challenger GM Viswanathan Anand ended in a draw. Playing with the black pieces, Anand once again employed the Berlin Defense in the Ruy Lopez and was successfully able to fend off any attacks from […]