5th Draw Between Carlsen versus Anand

Compared to their previous games, Game 8 was a relatively quick and easy draw between Carlsen and Anand in the 2014 World Chess Championship. After their 122-move game the day before, Carlsen looked tired and this probably influenced him to push for a draw during this round.

With the black pieces, Carlsen opted for the Queen’s Gambit Declined as in Game 3 but this time, instead of posting his queenside knight on d7 early in the game, he went for the more aggressive c5 which allowed him to contest the center. Both players did not make any mistakes and after a series of exchanges they were left only with their white-squared bishops and 5 pawns each in an obviously drawn position after 41 moves.  This allows Carlsen to maintain his lead at 4.5 – 3.5.