Carlsen defeats Anand in Round 6 of the World Chess Championship

Magnus Carlsen has taken the lead a point ahead of Viswanathan Anand after the latter made some terrible decisions in the middle game.

Wielding the white pieces, Carlsen chose to veer the game to the Sicilian Kan Variation and set up the Maroczy Bind.  The champion held on to his advantage but blundered with 26. Kd2 which allows black to check his king, grab a couple of pawns and ruin the position for white.  The winning 26. .. Nxe5 however was never played.  Instead, Anand committed two blunders in succession by advancing his a-pawn, 26. .. a4 and 27. ..a3 in what seems to be a plan to have a rook stationed at the a-file to allow for the exchanging of bishops on a4.  After a couple of repositionings, Carlsen allowed the exchange but was able to invade the kingside with his rook.

After Carlsen’s 38th move, Anand resigned.