Carlsen still leads 2014 World Chess Championship with Round 9 a draw

After only 20 moves, Game 9 between the current world champion GM Magnus Carlsen and his challenger GM Viswanathan Anand ended in a draw.

Playing with the black pieces, Anand once again employed the Berlin Defense in the Ruy Lopez and was successfully able to fend off any attacks from white. The moves were a repetition of their last 122-move marathon game in Round 7, but this time Carlsen deviated with 11. Ne2, preparing to shift his major pieces to the kingside. This was followed by 12. Re1 to prevent the black king from castling on the Queenside. Carlsen then went ahead to break up Anand’s kingside with 14. e6; but after that, he could do nothing else except check the black king perpetually.

The game ended a little more than hour. Carlsen retains his 1 point lead, 5.0 – 4.0.