Caruana ends winning streak, pockets $100,000

GM Fabiano Caruana’s winning streak at the Sinquefield Cup 2014 came to an end in a draw with reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

For the first seven rounds Caruana was unbeatable and everyone was waiting if he would succeed in matching Viktor Korchnoi’s 8/8 performance in Wijk aan Zee, 1968 with an 8-0 record from Wijk aan Zee, 1968,  However, Carlsen managed to parry and counter-attack Caruana’s moves in the SIcilian Maroczy Bind and the end result was an even end game with opposite colored bishops and three pawns each.

However, even if his streak has ended, Caruana emerges as the winner of the tournament and gets the $100,000 top prize. There are still two more rounds left and you can expect him to continue giving his opponents problems to solve on the board.

Here is the latest Caruana vs Carlsen game from the 2nd Sinquefield Cup: