Caruana maintains 1 point lead while others catch up

GM Fabiano Caruana still leads by 1 point after a drawn game with GM Anish Giri in the 4th round of the Tata Steel 2016 tournament.  Meanwhile Yifan Hou, Sergey Karjakin and Pavel Eljanov won their respective bouts and joined Ding Laren and Wesley So at the 2.5 point mark.

The Tata Steel Challengers also saw Erwin l’Ami, Jorden van Foreest, Eltaj Safari, Alexey Dreev, Baskaran Adhiban and Nino Batsiashvili gain a point.  Dreev sits at the top position with 4.0 points, followed by Baskaran (3.5 points) and Safarli (3.0 points).

Below is the match between van Foreest and Sevian.  Here Black’s Queen gets trapped and forced to exchange herself for a Knight.