Caruana making Chess History with 7-0 lead in 2nd Sinquefield Cup

GM Fabiano Caruana is victorious once more in Louisville coming out on top with an intimidating winning streak of 7-0 against five of the most highest rated chess players in the world.

After beating GM Veselin Topalov in the previous round, the 22-year-old Grand Master was able to score his 7th win against GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave after the latter made a bad calculation on move 14 when he placed his Queen on a4. Caruana replied with Qh4.  Then, with a puzzling move that weakens his king side, white played 15. g3.  Black then proceeded to attack and successfully ruined white’s position.  24 moves later and white resigned.

In Round 8, Caruana will be facing the world champion.  People are speculating that his streak will have to run out sometime and  GM Magnus Carlsen just might be able to today.  However, Caruana will be holding the white pieces and there is no telling what he has prepared against Carlsen.

Whatever happens this round, one thing is certain… the world is witnessing chess history being made.

Here is the game everyone is currently talking about.