Caruana showing top form in Sinquefield Cup 2014 with 4-0

GM Fabiano Caruana has managed to stay undefeated at the top after Round 4 of the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, MO. Without a doubt Caruana’s preparation is paying off, allowing him to take the lead 4-0 in a competition where six of the world’s top rated players are vying for the top $100,000 prize.

In a Closed Ruy Lopez opening, the American-born Italian was able to beat GM Levon Aronian after a more or less equal middle-game. The kingside battle proved difficult in the long run for Aronian whose knights where left out of the game on the Queen side after move 18 when Caruana shifted to attacking on the King side.

With Black’s doubled pawns e-pawns and inactive knights, Caruana’s handling of the King side offensive proved too much for Armenian Grand Master.

Here is how the game went (courtesy of TWIC):