Tata Steel Ches 2016, Round 11: Carlsen regains 1.0 lead against Caruana

For the second time in the tournament, World Champion Magnus Carlsen once more leads Fabiano Caruana by a point, this time after defeating Yifan Hou in a 54-move game that started in the Petroff Defense.  After the 14th move, both players have castled long and have both of their rooks placed on the d- and e-files.  After some exchanges, things looked equal with both both players having a white-squared bishop, a queen, and 7 pawns.  When the queens and bishops came off Carlsen was able to penetrate Hou’s pawn phalanx with his king, which ultimately led to a losing position for black.

Liren Ding also won in this round by defeating Evgeny Tomashevsky.

There were 4 winners in the Challengers group today: Miguoel Admiraal, Eltaj Safarli, Alexey Dreev and Benjamin Bok.  Adhiban Baskaran and Alexey Dreev are tied in first place with 8.0 points each.