Tata Steel Chess 2016, Round 12: Fabiano gains on Carlsen

US Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana won his match against Loek Van Wely in today’s round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament at Wijk aan Zee.  This gives him a total of 8.0 points, 0.5 points just behind current leader Magnus Carlsen, and 0.5 points ahead of Liren Deng.

The game opened in the Sicilian Scheveningen where Caruana castled long to launch an attack on the kingside.  Upon seeing that White’s forces were aggressively advancing towards his weak kingside, Van Wely chose to counter-attack and was able to penetrate White’s queenside.  However, Caruana was able to fend off his opponent and kept Black’s white-squared bishop locked in.  Caruana was then able to promote his g-pawn to another Queen – a deciding factor that forced Van Wely to resign.

Liren Ding also won today in a 38-move game against Pavel Eljanov.  Ding was able to maintain his dominance in the center throughout the match until Eljanov committed a blunder in his 37th-move and allowed the Chinese Grandmaster to secure both rooks for the end game.