Tata Steel Chess 2016, Round 8: Caruana loses to Navara, Carlsen Leads

Fabiano Caruana lost to David Navaro in today’s round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee.    This loss reduced Caruana’s points by 0.5, effectively lowering his ranking in the event and giving Magnus Carlsen the lead with 6.5 points.  Another winner is Loek van Wely defeated Yifan Hou.

Meanwhile, two winners emerged from the pool of 14 participants in the  Tata Steel Challengers division: Samuel Sevian and Anne Haast.  Adhiban Baskaran is still in the top position with 6.5 points, followed by Eltaj Safarli (6.0 points) and Alexey Dreev (5.5 points)