World Chess Championship 2014: Carlsen wins Round 2

GM Magnus Carlsen defeated GM Viswanathan Anand in Round 2 of the World Championship at Sochi, Russia.

After recovering from a slightly disadvantaged position in Round 1 and forcing Anand to settle for a draw, Carlsen scored a point against the challenger in the Ruy Lopez opening, Berlin Defense variation.  Anand was doing a good job in dominating the queenside but Carlsen was able to shift his a1-rook over to g3 and launch a kingside attack.  Black survived the assault but white was able to place both rooks and his queen on the e-file.  Anand blundered with his 34th move and allowed Carlsen to take control of the seventh rank threatening mate in a few moves, unless Anand sacrifices his queen for a rook. Facing the possibility of losing his queen and just prolonging the inevitable, Anand resigned.