World Chess Championship Game 7 a draw

Viswanathan Anand drew against Magnus Carlsen in Round 7 of the World Championship match in Sochi.  In what is so far the longest game of the event, Seeing that Anand chose to play the Berlin Defense, a variation in the Ruy Lopez opening known for drawn games, Carlsen sacrificed a pawn in order to gain a better position and improve his attack against black’s king.  Nevertheless, Anand valiantly defended with all his might and after 122 moves, black was able to secure his draw.

Carlsen’s allowing 19. .. Nxh4 helped him secure the h-file with his rook in a few moves and ruin his opponent’s kingside.  Anand had to think long and hard about his replies to white’s threats.  On his 31st move, Anand was evidently forced to exchange his remaining bishop for a pawn in order to slow down white’s momentum.

Although the champion was a piece up, Anand was able to find the right moves to defend his king and force a king and knight endgame.  Due to insufficient material, Carlsen had to concede that the match was a draw.

Game 7 finished 4 move short of the longest championship chess game in history, game 5 of the Korchnoi versus Karpov championship match in 1978 held in Baguio City, the Philippines.