World Chess Championship tied at 2.5 – 2.5 after Round 5

Magnus Carlsen and VIswanathan Anand ended the 5th round of the world championship in a draw. This ties the score at 2.5 points for each player.

The game, which started in the Queen’s Indian opening, was a very hard fought match between the two players.  Carlsen tried to surprise his opponent with a rare line to make his opponent spend more time thinking of a reply.  Though Anand paused a few times at certain junctures of the match, Anand was able to figure out the moves that eventually helped him keep the game to some extent in his favor until both sides came out in a drawn position.  Carlsen did his best to gain an advantage by playing quickly and keep Anand on his toes but the challenger held on by making equal exchanges all throughout the match.  In the end, this translated into a rook and pawns endgame in a drawn position.