The Imperfect Chess Playbook, Volume 1 Review

Imperfect Playbook Vol 1If you are an amateur chess player and would like to improve your game, you will find The Imperfect Chess Playbook, Volume 1 by Sean Nelson a very useful guide to help you build an opening repertoire.

A Different Approach

What is unique and notable about the book is that it does not use Grand Master games to teach you; instead, it uses games played by actual intermediate level chess players as reference!  This makes it a very practical and understandable resource for most of us chess lovers who are not GMs seldom encounter GM level moves over the board.

Style and Format

Like what you would expect from a chess book, the playbook uses standard algebraic chess notation, charts, diagrams and statistics.  Nelson writes in a very clear, direct to the point manner as he teaches you how to build an opening repertoire for white based on the Two Knights Defense from the ground up.    Each line is analyzed, annotated and summarized; and all sources, tools and references are cited to further help the reader in case he wants to do his own research if he wants to.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

If you are tired of reading chess book after chess book only to be disappointed because your opponent does not make the correct “book move”, which makes you even more frustrated because you cannot unleash the winning move you have so painstakingly analyzed for such a long time, then do not hesitate to get this book at once.

And though this starts with the Two Knights defense, you do not have to worry because a second and third volume are coming soon.  Plus, you can also expect a corresponding opening repertoire for black.

The paperback edition is available from Lulu here: Buy the Playbook paperback edition from Lulu

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The e-book edition is also available here: Buy the .mobi Edition of the Playbook

The first volume of The Imperfect Chess Playbook is truly a valuable resource “for the rest of us.” After all, no one plays perfect chess.